Our happy pants

Our tights are designed to make you feel happy and give you confidence whilst doing the activities you love! Our goal is to provide you with the best quality and fit with unique, fashionable designs. We have put together the ultimate tights guide to help you find the perfect pair to aim high and dream big in!

Our materials

We work with a trusted, small range of fabrics and material blends (Polyester, Spandex, Polyamide & Nylon) to create our unique happy pants. Our tights consist of our classic core fabric with a second skin and compressive feel. Additionally we’ve created the ultimate seamless range with a dreamily soft feel and a shaping effect.

Find your perfect pair

We have many different styles to choose from: full & shorter lengths (7/8, 3/4) patterned, textured and classic solid colour ways. We have something that fits every woman and body shape. Whatever your preference, we have something for YOU. Our tights are approved squat proof by many ladies in our #aimntribe!

Find your size

Just as the wrong tights can prove very uncomfortable, the right tights with the right fit can bring confidence and motivation to the next level. Our size guide HERE will help you to find the size. Tip! When deciding on what is best for you, think about how tight you like your activewear. Below you can also find our different styles and key features.



Our classic, fantastic fabric! This fabric created the expression Happy pants because it makes us women feel joy, motivation and inspiration for an active lifestyle. This fabric is flexible, pliable and soft. The smooth second skin feel optimizes any type of workout. Our Core tights are made of fabric with a compressive feel, providing a snug fit whilst giving support all over and holding everything in place. With the mixture of 73% Polyester / 27% Spandex, we have created a stretchy material that does not stretch-out but adapts well to each unique body. Tip! If you experience that the fabric on your stomach rolls down when you move, jump or sit down, this may be a sign of a size that is too small. If, on the other hand, you need to tug the fabric over your stomach when you move, the size is probably too large. When initially trying these happy pants on, a very snug (yet not suffocating) fit is perfect! With time they will stretch, relax in fit and contour to your body. Size as per usual or size down if in between.

Core Stripe

We recommend to size up when in between if you are wanting our Stripe designs due to this style being printed onto white material which creates our signature logo. This can create a ‘fade out’ effect when significantly stretched. If you have sized correctly yet are experiencing a fading effect of the print in specific areas, we recommend to pull material towards these areas, this will then evenly distribute the print.

Ribbed seamless

Our amazing seamless collections contain many different styles that allow you to combine colors and outfits to infinity, only the imagination sets limits. Our Ribbed Seamless Tights are made with a dreamy material blend (55% Polyamide / 45% Polyester / 5% Elastane) which enables you to both train and relax with incredible comfort. Thanks to the four-way knitted AND ribbed fabric, it becomes extra flexible and follows the body's movements. Seamless is experienced as more formative than compressive. However, the high waist on our Seamless tights is more snug than other parts of the tights, equalling an incredibly comfortable feel over the stomach. We understand that lighter seamless colours can be scary! However with the perfect sizing and our nude seamless thong, we’ve found these these happy pants are 100% squat proof. We recommend opting for the size up if in between to ensure maximal material distribution and coverage.


Statement have several structures that make it a more sporty and decorative feeling but also creates more flexibility. Here we have both ribbed and smooth structures mixed with functional holes enable great breathability. With the same blend as our seamless fabric (55 % Polyamide / 40% Polyester / 5% Elastane) this creates an incredibly soft and compliant experience with a more compressive high waist. The unique structure and the decorative holes in the fabric mean that, for example, barbells and weights can wear on the fabric and risk getting stuck in the holes. Therefore, we recommend that you mainly use these in strength training where you use your own body weight as weight. Size as per usual, up if in between..


Feel: A slightly harder fabric made from 92% Polyamide / 8% Elastan. It lacks spandex and as a result the flexibility is not as significant. Has a slightly opaque feel in the structure. Perfect if you're after a more 'sturdy' fit. These happy pants with their intricate detailing give a fabulous shaping effect 😍 If in between sizes, we recommend you choose the larger.


Our core fabric in 73% Polyester / 27% Spandex blend - but with more unique and functional details. Firm and compressive second skin feel providing support all over & holding everything in place. They may feel very tight on the first wear due to the 3 seams on each leg initially lessening the 'stretch factor'. As the material is worn it will give and mould to your body shape with time and a few wears, however if sized up incorrectly the tights will then give + relax in fit and become uncomfortable over time. An extremely snug initial fit is perfect! Size as per usual, only size up if your measurements are outside of your usual size recommendations


With the same material composition as our Ribbed Seamless Tights these happy pants are your go to comfy design, second skin feel. An incredibly soft and compliant experience with a more compressive high waist. Boost is a more sensitive given more cavities in the fabric. The unique structure and decorative holes in the fabric allow, for example, bar rods, weights or wayward objects to tear on the fabric and there is a risk of these objects snagging or getting snagged in the holes. Therefore, we recommend that you mainly use these for strength workouts where you only use your own body weight. If in between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller.

Recycled fabric

We are so proud of our first recycled fabric! The best thing about these tights is that they are made from a recycled material from PET plastic bottles, yaay! The stretchy, second skin feeling is the same as our Core fabric made with 73% Recycled Polyester / 27% Spandex. Has a wonderful compressive fit on both legs and the high waist. Some recycled designs (Stripe Designs) are printed onto white fabric, which makes it possible for our unique prints to be prominent and bright. For long life, we do not recommend using barbells and other heavy tools against the fabric. Size as per usual or up if in between.


These happy pants are made from our core 73% Polyester/ 27% Spandex blended material so do have some compression to them and made with your baby bump in mind providing a secure second skin yet comfortable feel. Firm + structured yet comfortable and great for everyday use. A lot of our tribe love our maternity wear for use post partum as well. We'd recommend sizing into the larger if in between sizes or a whole 1-2 sizes up depending on your preference of tightness, thus allowing for as much growth of your beautiful body + baby bump as possible.


Same mix as in our seamless fabric, creating an incredibly soft feeling, but with a more compressed high waist. Low see through risk and you have different colours to choose from. If in between two sizes, we recommend you to choose the bigger one.