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Our wide range of gym clothing offers NZ women the comfort, style, and durability that's needed when working out.

What gym clothing for women is available?

Kit yourself out from top to toe with the extensive collection of women's gym clothing that we have on offer at aim'n in NZ. Most items come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and sizes.

Our gym clothing also employs fabrics and mesh panels that breathe with your body, wicking away any moisture so that you maintain a healthy balance whilst you work out.

In addition, many items are made from our four-way knitted ribbed seamless fabric. Thanks to that ribbing, those items won't fall down when you squat or ride up when you lift weights. While the lack of seams means there won't be any chafing during even the most strenuous gym session.

Tired of your old gym clothing?

It can be nice to hit the refresh button on your gym wardrobe sometimes. In NZ, one of the most popular pastimes for when you've finished work is to pop to the gym. Why not revamp your wardrobe and get some women's gym clothes that make you look as good as you feel?

What's more, the great thing about our functional gym wear is that you can buy a garment that is designed with workouts in mind, yet still has a colour or pattern that you like. Many items can easily double as a fashionable item of clothing when you are out and about in NZ.

Why do I need special clothes for the gym?

Specialised women's gym clothing is preferable to wearing your baggy old leisurewear. That's because our gym clothes for women are expertly designed with functionality in mind. Having certain fabrics, stitches, seams, and cuts ensure that the clothing works with you, not against you when you're at the gym.

With certain gym machines, it's actually safer not to wear baggy gym clothes as there's less chance of fabric getting stuck. Light stretchy figure-hugging gym wear will be much more streamlined and safe on the running machine for example.

Women's gym clothes are also designed with women's bodies in mind. Being designed by women for women, we know exactly what you need at the gym. Browse the wide range of gym clothing we have here at aim'n in NZ - and enjoy!

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