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At aim'n, we have designed our famous and cozy women's activewear NZ to make you feel comfortable in your exercises. Besides that, they will give you that extra confidence during workouts. Our brand is created by women for women, and we use the best quality materials to design our women's activewear NZ.

What is Unique About Our Activewear for NZ Women?

If you are one of the many women in NZ who loves working out, you will find our women's activewear a good choice. They are made with stretchy materials, moisture repellent, and non-transparent fabric, enabling those workouts to be easier. In addition, our activewear does not give visible sweat stains, so you can stay stylish as you work out.

We have designed our workout clothes to give you the best experience and to stay in place whilst giving it your all during a workout. You have no reason to worry about our sportswear sliding down as they are designed to stay put in the exact right places. No matter the kind of workout you like, aim'n offers a great variety of active wear that come in different colours, designs, and models.

What Women's Activewear Will Fit Me the Best? 

You should choose activewear that fits your needs and preferences – some prefer more cover due to either practicing more low-intensity workouts or simply needing the extra warmth it provides, and some prefer lighter activewear garments. So, depending on what you prefer, we will offer you the best choices of women's activewear. If you have questions, you're always welcome to contact us so that we can guide you personally. 

Which Material is aim'n Activewear Made of?

aim'n sports wear for women is designed using the best materials like cotton, microfiber, polyester, spandex, and nylon. These are materials that are breathable, stretchable, cool, and moisture-wicking to give you the best experience possible.

We have chosen the material of our products in order to be the best companion for you when wearing them, whether it's at home or at the studio. This means that our materials also work against sweat stains so that they will not be visible on the workout clothes even during the sweatiest workouts.

Apart from that, you will have free movement when you wear our women's activewear. So whether it is squats or lunge steps, you can bend all the way you want. In addition, our womens activewear is made of non-transparent fabric and designed in a way that makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of workouts, or you can just use it as casual wear.

How Do You Choose the Right Women's Activewear NZ in Regards to Your Body?

We don't think that your body should be a barrier when choosing what type of sportswear you buy in NZ. Whether you have are long or short, have a slim body or plus-size shape, we have something for everyone at aim'n. You can also choose if you want loose or tight women's sportswear depending on what you feel at most home in. 

How Do You Make Your Activewear Last Longer?

You may be wondering how to make your regular and plus-size activewear for NZ women to stay long. Well, as with everything, it all comes down to how well you maintain and treat the items. You can extend the life span of any workout clothes by following standard care instructions. Try washing your workout clothes at a maximum of 30 degrees and avoid using rinse aid. This can ruin the material since rinse aid lowers the surface tension of water. You should also dry sportswear for women using a laundry bag. This helps to protect it from other garments with sharp details. By carefully following this instruction you will never regret having our product.

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