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Sports bras & training bras

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We have put more effort into making our products for women by addressing the main issues they face when working out. Our designers are also women who understand the challenges that their peers face when choosing their sport bra. Due to this, our sports bras for our fellow NZ women are the most popular and comfortable out there. Do you like colourful or plain sports bras? There is always something for you to try.

What's Unique About aim'n Sports Bras?

Firstly, comfort and support is everything when we design our sports bras. We have made sure we use stretchy and moisture-repellent materials that adapt to your workouts and keep you dry throughout the workout session. You also do not have to worry about sweat stains showing up after working out since we've used non-transparent fabric to make our sports bras functionable for all our NZ customers out there. We know all about how the heat and outdoor climate will put your workout items to test. 

The stretchy nature of our sports bras allows for any movement during workouts, hence not limiting or making you feel uncomfortable. Such bras are perfect for people who work out regularly, and you don't have to worry about them getting saggy. However, our items are so comfortable that many of our clients love wearing them in their everyday life as well. Style your aim'n sport bra with a blazer to wear on date nights or with your sweatpants during your night in – the sky's the limit, really. 

Which Material are aim'n Sports Bras Made Of?

Since we like to stay ahead of the competition, we have made sure to use the best fabrics in the market. Our bras have elastane and functional materials that can repel moisture and allow free air movement since they're breathable. This action has made our products the best sports bra in NZ. If you are in need of a good training bra to accompany you on your gym sessions, then our products will amaze you.

How Do I Choose the Right Model for My New Sport Bra?

Don't you worry, here at aim'n we have different models and styles for you to choose from. We have got the NZ women covered by offering padded sports bras, plus size sports bras, and sports bras for big busts. You can browse through our catalogue of sports bras here on our NZ site to check different designs that might interest you.

When choosing your new sport bra, you might also want to think about the activities you want to use it for. As well as there are different designs out there for style preferences, we also offer different models depending on which support you need. If you are into low-intensity workouts, you will probably get by with a sports bra with lower support. On the contrary, if you enjoy high intensity workouts, you should probably take a look at models with higher support. Those models are better at dampening the impact jumps, sprints, and other movements will have on the breast tissue. 

How do I Make my Sports Bras Last Longer?

Longevity is the area where we thrive the most. First, all our products are designed to serve you for a considerable amount of time which is good for both you and the environment. However, if you want to improve the lifespan of your sports bra, be careful of how often you wash them. Make sure you wash your sport bra with care and when it is actually needed to freshen up the piece.

At aim'n, we have tested the materials we use in our sports bras to make sure we offer the best products out there.  With that said, our sports bras will endure the toll of time, but we encourage you to wash them in a laundry bag to protect them from zippers, hooks, and other hardware when you wash them together with other pieces. Furthermore, we recommend you wash them at a temperature of 30 degrees celsius or lower. As with all clothing, lower temperatures and gentler washing programs are always kinder to your garments.  

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