Yoga Tights


Yoga tights

Yoga tights are made from soft, figure-hugging fabrics that have a second-skin fit and feel, giving freedom of motion as you find your zen. Shop aim’n tights that support you through all your yoga flows and stretches. Show more

aim'n is a Swedish sportswear brand designing yoga pants for women, by women. We have designed our yoga pants to make sure you have the comfortability that you need when practicing Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, or Yin. No matter what moves you are in for – our yoga pants will make them the most comfortable they can be. 

Why Are Yoga Pants from aim'n So Popular?

At aim’n, we offer our customers yoga pants for women which are made out of the best fabrics out there. We believe any gear made for yoga should be comfortable, sustainable, and good-looking enough to wear on your night in, at the grocery store, or when taking a coffee with your friends.

From our line of women’s yoga leggings, you will also find a color palette worth bragging about. We update our collections frequently which is much appreciated by our customers since you will always find new, fun, and flattering designs to wear at your next yoga session. 

Our designers at aim’n always design with the women’s body in mind. Thanks to that, we are able to proudly present products that will last a lifetime when taken care of the right way. We want to contribute to a better world by offering high-quality items for you. 

Which Material Are aim'n Yoga Pants Made Of? 

Our yoga pants are made out of polyamide and elastane to make them sweat-wicking, comfy, and stretchy but still give that perfect snug around your tummy. Bye, bye sweat-stains. 

At aim’n, we do our best in making sure that our yoga tights are giving you the best feeling so that you can feel relaxed, at ease, and focus on your well-being. We do offer both low, normal, and high-waisted yoga pants so it’s really up to you to decide what fits you the best. 

What Values Have aim’n Yoga Leggings Been Designed to Meet?

From our line of women’s yoga leggings, you will find high-quality items in different styles, designs, and sizes. Since we are a women-founded company, we design each product with the knowledge of every woman having a unique body with different, independent preferences. We do not like the term plus-size pants and leggings and due to that, you will find that we have incorporated larger and smaller sizes as a natural part of our offering. We do not believe that sizes should affect the way your yoga pants look, feel, or behave in any way. Therefore, we designed our women’s yoga pants accordingly. 

How do I Choose the Right Yoga Pants?

Always start from yourself and your preferences. What do you like? We offer all kinds of models on our collection of women’s yoga pants: long, short, capri, loose or tight yoga pants. The choice is yours!

When practicing yoga, most people value flexibility and breathability. So, when choosing your new pair of women’s yoga pants, make sure to opt for an item which meets those criterias as well as the personal ones you may have. If you like to mix and match different colours or take on a more monochrome style, we can meet your requirements here at aim’n so that you can get the most beautiful yoga outfit. 

We have made sure to offer different styles and models on our yoga pants so that anybody, regardless of preferences, will find something to feel at home in. 

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