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our tights are designed to take you effortlessly from brunch to burpees. Shop our softest tights that keep you comfortable and on trend, no matter what your day has in store.

Our soft and flexible leggings for women are here to make you feel comfortable and supported no matter what activity you're doing. Our goal is to provide you with only the very best quality, styles, fun designs and the perfect fit for all your legging needs. So, if you like bright bold patterns, colourful workout leggings or simple plain designs, we've got something just for you.

Why are aim'n workout leggings so great?

For starters, aim'n women's tights and leggings are all made from high quality, durable materials. This means that not only are they comfortable, and fab to look at, but practical too. The material offers a lot of give and is also moisture-repellant. Better yet, the fabric is non-transparent, which means you're not going to show any unflattering sweat stains when you get into your workout.

Are aim'n leggings workout-friendly?

All our leggings NZ are the perfect sportswear for all of your workout needs. With their strong, but wide, waistband, you'll find our sports tights aren't sliding anywhere, no matter what activity you engage in. Excitingly, our workout leggings are perfect for a range of different sporting activities, but you can also use them to lounge around in too.

What material are aim'n tights for women made of?

Our leggings are made from spandex, polyester and elastane. These materials are all ideal for providing true flexibility and allowing a great range of movement. On top of that, these materials make our leggings moisture-wicking, so you won't have visible sweat stains no matter how hard you go at your workout. Our workout leggings are squat proof too. They aren't transparent so there won't be any embarrassing moments for you down the line.

How can I choose the right leggings for women?

Here at aim'n, we have a wide array of different styles and colours to choose from in our tights and leggings collection. If you want bold prints or patterns, we've got you covered. We also have a range of different colours from bright to neutral tones. Better still, we've got a variety of styles designed to cover every body shape and size. All our leggings also have thick waistbands, for added comfort. And, they all give you that great silhouette. Finally, we have a range of other workout wear available so you can mix and match your leggings so that they match your top too.

Find the perfect pair of leggings for women right here at aim'n today.

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