Sports Shorts


Sports shorts

Here at aim'n, we have a wonderful selection of the most functional and stylish women's sport shorts on the market today. Show more

We're a brand passionate about clothing that's both durable and fashionable. As a brand created by women, for women, we know what kind of sports shorts women need when practising sports.

How to choose the right sport shorts?

When choosing the perfect pair of women's sports shorts, think about what kind of activities you'll be mostly using them for. Perhaps you're one of the many millions of NZ women who hit the gym regularly or someone enjoying a nice beach walk to clear your head. Either way, we got you covered with the best variation of women's sport shorts models to fit your preferences. 

For example, spinning or running type activities will need a different kind of women's sport short than weight lifting.

What type of women's sports shorts is right for me? 

First of all, you should think about what purpose you want your activewear shorts to fill. Some models of sport shorts are better than others for more high-intensity workouts and some for the lower-intesity activties. You may want to decide whether or not you want support, something looser, or just something that isn't making you too hot whilst working out. 

A pair of mid-length activewear shorts can be perfect for sports requiring a lot of movement since they reduce thigh rubbing and make you comfortable while you sweat. A pair of tight sports shorts for women will also do you good if you prefer supportive gear rather than loose ones. 

For an activity where you need optimal leg flexibility, such as squatting or sprinting, shorter and looser shorts are ideal. Browse our range of women's sport shorts with double layers, suitable for this kind of activity. You can go for a looser short with a tighter underlayer, allowing freedom of movement. This way, you won't need to worry about them riding up whilst you're out giving it your all in the tracks or at your workout studio. 

However, it all comes down to what you yourself prefer since every female body is different and therefore can't be broken down into a general sport short recommendation.

What type of material are aim’n sports shorts made out of?

The great thing about many of the shorts for sports here at aim'n is that they are comprised of moisture-wicking fabrics which are breathable and allow for good airflow to reach the skin. This is ideal when exercising in higher temperatures, enabling you to stay cool and comfortable.

We've got a wonderful selection of seamless sports shorts, which are ideal for many uses. The seamless style ensures minimal rubbing on the skin while also giving you that stylish look. This means these sport shorts can work as going-out wear as well as activewear. The perfect garment!

When choosing from aim'n's selection of activewear shorts, be sure to browse the full selection of colours and styles. There are multitudes of different shorts for sport to be found here, for all women's bodies and all sporting activities!

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