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Resistance bands

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aim'n has designed their popular and strong resistance bands to make you feel comfortable during your fitness exercise. Our resistance bands will make you confident during your fitness exercise. We have let the designers be women. Therefore, our designed resistance bands are by women for women. aim'n aims to offer the best quality and most vital resistance bands NZ. Any color and type of resistance bands you will find it. Meanwhile, we have something for you.

What Is the Best About Our Resistance Bands?

Here at aim'n, we have worked hard on designing exercise bands which are the very best on the market. One component in that process has been using the most qualitative materials. The materials are elastic and stretchy to make sure you can use them for years as well as get the best out of every workout. In addition to this, our exercise bands that are completely made of 100% natural latex, are also moisture repellent. Due to this reason, aim'n resistance bands will make your work more easy and successful.

We designed our fitness workout bands to be a workout companion to count on, and therefore they will be there for you when you need them. Most of our resistance bands are being sold in multipacks where you will find them in different resistance levels to fit different muscle groups and workout exercises. The hardest resistance is strong enough to guarantee you a challenge and the best workouts. Our training band is suitable for both your high-intensity training and low-intensity workouts. Currently, we at aim'n offer a variety of unique designs in many different colors. You do not want to miss our resistance bands NZ among your fitness gear.

Which Material Is aim'n Resistance Bands Made Of?

We have made our fitness training bands using the best fabric and elastic materials. Some of our exercise bands are made out of 100% natural latex, making them super easy to clean. We also have other variants of our exercise bands made out of a durable mix of polyester, cotton, and latex. 

Whatever material you prefer on your resistance bands, we are confident that you will be happy with ours at aim'n. When you use our resistance bands, you have a guarantee that your workout training will be successful since they are easy to use as well as you can use them anywhere. Whether you plan on using them for your home-workout, at the gym, or on your trips and vacations. Furthermore, they are more gentle on your joints than most other gear out there. 

How Do I Treat My Resistance Bands for Them to Last Longer?

Our resistance bands are of great quality but as with everything else in this world, how you take care of them will make them last better over time. Just follow our basic instructions, and you will find yourself having booty bands that last you for a long time.

  1. Store your bands in a cool and dry environment. 
  2. Always avoid excess heat or cold, and keep your bands away from moisture. 
  3. Keep them away from direct sunlight.  

What Activities Are the Training Bands Suitable for Use For?

This is more a question of imagination than anything else because truly – only your mind sets the limits here. Our customers are using our resistance bands for basically any muscle group out there, whether they are training their glutes and thighs or biceps or shoulders. One thing is for sure, from our selection of power bands, you can rest sure that you can complete your workouts with great comfort.

We understand that the term "booty bands" can be confusing since that indicates that these products only are useful for the glutes. However, we do want to stress that that is not the case, even though they are super to activate your buttocks with, e.g. by doing squats. Either way, we offer different models to be able to cater to everyone's needs.

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