The Law of Attraction - Tips on Daily Affirmations

We are like magnets – like attract like.
You become AND attract what you think.
— Rhonda Byrne

You may have heard the saying “like attracts like” or “think it to achieve it.” There is something called the Law of Attraction, which comes from the belief that investing positive or negative energy into a desired outcome will allow it to come into fruition. To put it simply, the energy we put into something is the same energy we are going to attract. Our reality is manifested by the thoughts we think and your actions are shaped by them.

Research shows that the universe is vibrating, and in fact all mass that appears to be solid to the human eye, is actually vibrating at a subatomic level. This includes us as humans, the things we use, the nature and animals around us and all other things on our planet. All matter is composed of energy, even our thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Attraction is always working. How we use our minds and the thoughts we think actually dictate the vibration we are living in and in turn, dictate the energy we attract. Similar energies attract, therefore it really does matter what energy we are vibrating in. If we are vibrating at a lower frequency, we are more likely to attract energy in that same harmony. Whereas if we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we are more likely to attract energy of that same higher frequency. There are a few ways you can increase your vibration, some of which are affirmations, creative visualisation and positive thinking.


Here at aim’n we love using positive affirmations as a daily tool, not only to increase our energetic vibration but also to transform some of our negative thought patterns into positive ones! Affirmations are phrases or statements used to challenge negative thoughts, they encourage positive attraction into your life and are a great tool for improving self esteem. Affirmations are important because they have the power to motivate you towards your dreams and goals whilst also assisting when it comes to transforming old belief patterns. When affirmations are repeated over and over, they can slowly change the pattern of your thinking and over time can have a huge impact on your life. They are the perfect little tool to add into your daily routine to really start transforming your mindset! 

Did you know that a study was done, and it was found that the average person has about 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts every single day and of these 80% have been found to be negative. As many as 95% of the negative thoughts were found to be exactly the same as the day prior, which shows that it’s extremely common for us to have recurring negative thoughts. 

Our brains are typically designed to be negative, with there being more negative English words than positive, we find ourselves often slipping into a whirlwind of negative self talk. You can create affirmations for all areas of your life. However, we believe it's most impactful to really start rewriting the negative stories we tell ourselves and creating positive affirmations around them so we can completely change the energetic vibration we are living in. 

The Law Of Attraction - Tips On Daily Affirmations

Step 1.

The first step is to become conscious of the thoughts in your head. Dedicate a day to have your notebook on hand and become extremely conscious throughout the day of all the negative thoughts and stories you currently tell yourself. These might be about your body, your financial situation, your abilities or any other area you’d love to transform. 

Step 2.

Now you have got this list, we are going to create positive “I AM” statements for each of these negative stories. Here’s an example we have written:

Old thought pattern: “I’m not good enough to achieve the life I dream of.”

New “I AM” affirmation: “I am enough and am worthy of the life I dream of.”

Old thought pattern: “I hate the way I look.”

New “I AM” affirmation: “I am beautiful. There is no one else like me and that’s my power.”

Old thought pattern: “I’m so bad at saving, I have no money.”

New “I AM” affirmation: “I am attracting abundant wealth and my savings are growing.”

Old thought pattern: “I am always stressed and anxious, I never feel like I'm doing enough.”

New “I AM” affirmation: “I am doing enough just by enjoying myself. I am exactly where I need to be.”

Step 3.

Use these new I AM affirmations whenever those old, heavy, negative stories creep in. We asked a few of the aim’n crew how they implement their positive affirmations into their daily lives. Some of them love to read them aloud daily, some love to repeat them to themselves in the mirror, some love to journal and write them out each day, and some love to set them as little pop up notifications in their phone throughout the day for a little boost. 

We are so excited for you beautiful!