Resistance Bands - Part 2 // Upper body & Arm exercises

Why are upper body exercises important?

As exciting as it is to grow the booty, we need to ensure our body is in balance and we dedicate time to training each muscle group. Our upper body muscles play an important role in maintaining posture and everyday activities such as reaching, pushing and lifting. The core and back muscles in particular help to prevent back injury and keep us upright. Therefore, I have put an emphasis on strengthening these muscles during today's workout.

The workout
Here are some of the key exercises you can incorporate into your routine. I have
created a workout, which you can complete at home or in the gym. If you want to
use this workout in combination with other exercises that is an option too!

How often do I train upper body?
The time you spend on upper body each week definitely depends on your
current ability and workout schedule but I would recommend completing the
following workout 1-2 times per week. In blog post three I will create an
example of what a weekly workout schedule could look like using all three
resistance band workouts.

Top upper body tip: Listen to your body for best results. If you feel you can
increase the resistance please feel free to do so, this is just a guide. If you on the
other hand find an exercise is not working for you, maybe you feel pinching, or it
might be too difficult at this time, that is completely fine! Skip that exercise and
move onto the next one.

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